Thursday, September 13, 2012

Model Home Tour - Home 2

Today we have the review of our second modeled home at Shea's, Aria Homes in Chula Vista, CA.  This single story home is why I made the trip out to see the models.  It is so unusual to see a single story NEW track home.   

(Above) - This kitchen was stunning on so many levels, from the granite to the solid wood cabinets.  It opens up to the very large living/family room.

(Above) - Cozy master bedroom.

(Above) - This was the most surprising areas of the house, a mother-n-law wing.  A private entrance, into a sizable bedroom area, a three piece bathroom, a kitchenette and a sitting area.   Perfection!

 (Above) - Here is the sitting area of the mother-n-law quarters.  The door to the left of the sofa goes out to the porch area where you enter the main house.  There is an interior hallway that connects the two areas. 

(Above) - The one other bedroom. 

(Above) - The very large living/family room.  Once you walk into this home you walk through a small foyer area and you then see this large open room.  The very large wall to the left seems to have a lot of stone.  I would have loved to seen a wall of built in cabinets with some interior lighting.  Just something to counter the heavy look of the stone. 

(Above) - The dining room that you see once you enter the front door.

(Above) - The office, to the immediate left once you enter the home.  Yikes, would this mean your office desk would always home to be clean?!?!

(Above) - Here we are looking back on the front door.  I wanted to show you the unusual combination of flooring.  Stone has been used within boards of hardwood flooring.   How do you feel about this? 

(Above) - This was a wonderful, and very relaxing, patio area that you walked through to get to the front door.  What a wonderful place to enjoy a morning cup of coffee or sit down and have a chat with a neighbor. 

(Above) - Here we have the exterior of the home I toured.  This is one of three exterior designs that you can select from.  Would I purchase this home?  Yes, and without hesitation.  What was refreshing was that the builder left so many of the build out decisions to the new home owner.  Most often when you see a new track of homes here in California, what you see is what you get.  You can't move walls, put in doors, etc.  Hats off to Shea, they got this one RIGHT! 

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