Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Model Home Tour - Home 1

Yesterday I was invited to tour the modeled homes at Aria in Bella Lago in the city of Chula Vista.  What caught me eye, and made me want to make the drive was the fact that Shea Homes had constructed a one story and it was available for viewing.  One story new homes are so hard to find, so I packed my bags and hit the road. 

I will review two of the three that were offered, one today and one tomorrow. 

 (Above) - The entrance into this beautiful and spacious (Approximately 3,579 Square Feet) home.  Please take note of the recessed lighting above the door.  At night this type of lighting shines right down on your front door and makes such a statement from the curb . . . I likeeeee. 

(Above) - Right when you walk through the front door you are greeted by this wonderful formal dining room to your right.  For you regular readers of my BLOG you know that I am a lover of millwork, this dining room is no exception.  It just adds sophistication and warmth to a room.  Take note of the wood floors, the designer has mixed both a light colored wood and a dark colored wood to make a checkerboard affect . . . do you like it? 

(Above) - To your immediate left when you enter the front door is this calming music room.  The color tones in this room work beautifully with the antique baby grand piano.  This room has wall-to-wall carpet which is wonderful when dealing with music.  I may have even added some drapery panels to absorb some more of the sound. 

(Above) - The only bedroom on the bottom floor of this home was this guest suite.  Again, it had a soothing color palette and had "welcome" written all over it.

(Above) - Another one of the upstairs bedrooms. 

(Above) - Another upstairs bedroom.  I'm loving the blue accent wall and the bedding (see the cargo pocket on the side of the bed).  

(Above) - One more upstairs bedroom, but this time for a little girl.  What's refreshing about this room is that it's not overly girly, everything is this room can be used as the little one grows up.

(Above) - Here is an upstairs retreat room which is at the top of the stairs.  What a great place for the kids to hang out, watch TV, listen to music or just hang.  There are a couple of things to take note of here, one would be the white leather couch.  This type of sofa is great with kids and animals, just make sure you get a good grade of leather that can be wiped off and not show scratch marks.  Second, notice how the ceiling and floor reflect one another, they both have stripes.  The flooring was done with wood, while the ceiling was done with paint, I think I like it. 
(Above) - For those of you have worked with me on projects know that I'm kind of a organizational junkie.  I like everything in it's place, so this bulletin board sang to me.  Can you see how each section is divided for each child, they used a ruler!  Genius!  

(Above) - Kitchen . . . sold me!  Well with one exception, I would have to make that pantry door solid as my pantry is not always picture perfect.  Notice how the stained cabinets mix with the stained cabinets, and not just on the island.  Again, lighting is key, notice the under cabinet and pendant lights. 

Tomorrow I will review the single story which I would very honestly buy today, but it would take me further away from my kids ... not! 

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