Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Powder Room Vanity - Functional VS Fun

Powder Rooms should be all about fun over function  . . . really!  Let loose and let your guests head  into that room and then wonder what creativity they will see in the rest of your home.

(Above) - Now would this not be perfect for the powder room in Lance Armstrongs home? 

(Above) - Now this design would be perfect in the home of an engineer, a factory owner or simply a genuis who's wheels just keep turning and turning 24/7. 

(Above) - This is actually a laundry room but I think it could also do a great job in a powder room where the home has an industrial feel. 

One criteria for a powder room, just remember to have a place for your guests to put down/hang up their personal belongings. There done, you've gotten the necessitties out of the way, now have fun!

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