Friday, February 8, 2013

Before/After Pics - Lori and Paul's Home

Several months ago I received a phone call from Paul and Lori, a referral from a past client Ms. Jamie who was just as kind as these two.  They were in the middle of a remodel and needed help with finalizing paint selections and window treatments.   

(Above) - This is what the kitchen looked like when I arrived.  The beautiful new kitchen was just being finished and the flooring was being installed the next day.  

(Above) - I can't say enough great things about our wonderful installer Butch.  I create it and he installs it, we love you Butch.

 (Above) - Here is the finished window treatment installed in the kitchen.  These blinds are woven woods called "Averte".  They are unlined allowing for light to come through, but also allowing for privacy.  Also, take note of the paint color, I think Lori and I made a great decision, it truly warms up the space. 

(Above) - Here is a closer look at the kitchen window treatments.  Notice the matching valance with the banding of fabric.  This fabric is duplicated on the leading edge of the drapery panels which you will see in the family room pictures below.  This helps to tie the two rooms together.  

(Above) - This is what the family room looked like the first time I arrived.  Naked floors, walls and windows.  We helped by dressing the windows and putting a warm color of green on the walls. 

(Above) - Here is the room completed.  The window draperies have been hung and beautifully frame the sliding glass door leading to the back yard.  Here you can see the two different fabrics on the drapery, the main drapery is a paisley print and the 4" leading edge is a small print that is duplicated on the adjoining kitchen window treatments. 

(Above) - Just a closer look at the drapery panels. 
Thanks again to Paul and Lori for inviting me into their home, together I think we designed some great additions.   

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