Sunday, May 6, 2012

First Day In Atlanta

Today we finished our first full day at Decorating Den's 43 Annual Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.  Below are a few pictures from our first 48 hours. 

Relaxing in our hotel room following a long day of traveling.  We even experienced Atlanta's subway system and had a serenade from some hard core RAP singers . . . interesting!

Tonight after our all day, which was wonderful by the way, we headed down the street to Hard Rock Cafe' for dinner.  I always forget that when I travel to the south that many things are closed here on Sundays, like many of the restaurants. 

This is a beautiful southern brick building across the street from the hotel. 

The outside of our hotel.

Love this picture!  The stunning atrium of our hotel.  Shot this picture on my little point and shoot camera. 

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